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A Successful Start

On the 19th June, NEXGEN celebrated its belated kick-off meeting, where all the partners met up for the first time and discussed the plans for the project in detail across the full course of the day.

Even though it's still only the first couple of months of the project, it's very clear to all the partners that we have a very packed first 2 years of the project! The great news is that the partners have certainly not been idle during the last couple of months before the kick-off meeting, and work is proceeding to plan, and with extremely promising results!

One of the most exciting reveals of the meeting was that one of the major risks to the project has been resolved already! Whilst we can't give too much detail yet, it's looking decreasingly likely that we will encounter serious issues with assembling the vaccines themselves. Fantastic news, and a roaring start to the project!

You won't have to wait long to start receiving exciting results. There's so much going on between 2023-2025, there's bound to be lots to see. Check in for updates frequently - the NEXGEN-PD project is committed to Open Science, and will be making results as available as possible, for your reading pleasure!

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The NEXGEN-PD kick-off meeting will be taking place in Vienna on Monday 19th June. We look forward to the first face-to-face meeting of all partners, to plan for the coming work!


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