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The NEXGEN-PD Consortium


Tridem Bioscience is a Vienna based biotechnology company focusing on the discovery and development of their proprietary WISIT technology (see the project about page). The Tridem team have worked in PD vaccine research for the last 2 decades, developing the concept and initial evidence for WISIT technology, which will culminate in the NEXGEN project where WISIT technology will be clinically demonstrated for the first time ever. In the NEXGEN project, Tridem leads the preclinical development and provision of WISIT vaccine candidates to the other partners and leads the consortium through all other tasks


Paracelsus Medical University

The Cell Therapy Institute at the Paracelsus Medical University (PMU-ExCT) develops broadly applicable technology platforms for human cell-based therapy, human platelet lysate (hPL) and cell-derived extracellular vesicles, and have clinical experience with experimental therapy of graft-vs.-host-disease and stromal cell therapy for multiple sclerosis. In the NEXGEN project, PMU leads the development of a novel biomarker assay for PD.


Kineto Labs

KINETO Lab is a biotechnology research CRO which uses scientifically founded strategies to identify and validate new drug targets and use preclinical models for testing and developing new anti-disease technologies and treatments. Experienced at designing methods used along the preclinical drug discovery pipeline, KINETO follow a collaborative model based on strong partnerships. In the NEXGEN project, KINETO leads in vivo testing of WISIT vaccines.


Gouya Insights

Gouya are strategic clinical development experts who translate innovation into clinical roadmaps and design the most efficient clinical development plan. From pre-trial to market, the Gouya Insights team takes leadership in clinical regulatory strategy to the study design and provide all necessary operational services to reach the milestone of clinical development. In the NEXGEN project, Gouya leverages these services to lead the clinical development plans for the WISIT vaccine.


Granzer Regulatory Consulting & Service

Granzer Regulatory Consulting & Services was founded in 2002 and offers a wide range of services in the field of regulatory affairs. Comprising a staff of experienced consultants who have backgrounds in large and small pharma as well as biotech, Granzer have know-how and proficiency in the various disciplines required for drug development. In the NEXGEN project, Granzer leads the compliance of the clinical studies of WISIT with regulatory requirements.


The Department of Neurology at the Philipps University of Marburg (UMR) has a long tradition of caring for people with movement disorders, as well as researching idiopathic Parkinson's disease. From the earliest stages to end-of-life care, focus is on treating the full spectrum of this multifaceted disease to offer modern care concepts whilst offering patients the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge Parkinson's Disease research. In the NEXGEN project, UMR perform clinical study of WISIT vaccines.


Prosenex Ambulatory Operation

Prosenex operates a clinical study centre since 2011 at the Confraternitaet Private Clinic in Vienna. Established to develop an early diagnosis and prediction program for cerebrovascular events, Prosenex focuses on movement disorders such as PD, and perform clinical studies in all phases, particularly phase I. In the NEXGEN project, PAB will perform clinical study of WISIT vaccines.


Motac France

Motac provides highly-specialised preclinical services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to support the discovery and development of therapeutics for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Motac has extensive expertise and world-class research capabilities in neurodegenerative conditions, particularly PD, and specialise in preclinical proof-of-concept and efficacy studies. In the NEXGEN project, Motac leads in vitro testing of WISIT vaccines



ATRC Aurigon Ltd. is an independent GLP-certified CRO dedicated to non-clinical services.  ATRC offer a range of in vivo and in vitro services from development candidate to marketed product including ADME/PK, toxicology, safety pharmacology and (bio-)analytical services. In the NEXGEN project ATRC performs safety assessment of vaccine candidates (repeated dose toxicity) and develop customized ELISA methods for immunogenicity testing of the vaccine candidates in clinical samples.

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Institute for Medical Technology Assessment

The Institute for Medical Technology Assessment (iMTA) is based at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Since its foundation in 1988, iMTA has played a key role in Health Technology Assessment research worldwide. iMTA offers expertise in economic evaluation, cost analysis, and outcomes research and is dedicated to the use of cost-effectiveness information in health care decision-making. In the NEXGEN project, iMTA provides cost-effectiveness analyses for the new technologies


Modus Research and Innovation

Modus Research and Innovation is a not-for-profit organisation established to support organisations in securing research funding, and to support the management of Horizon Europe research projects. Modus has successfully secured numerous H2020 and Horizon Europe projects, including the NEXGEN project. In the NEXGEN project, Modus is supporting the coordinator Tridem Bioscience in managing the project, and leading efforts to maximise the impacts of the project results.

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